About Ariadne

Like the instar, tunneling to the surface\n We must shed our own circumferences;\n Find the divinity within and emerge

Ariadne, like her nym suggests, has taken to the task of navigating the labyrinth she once puzzled her way though. She extends a piece of thread to the kindred spirits she discovers wandering its endless twists and turns, deeply dedicated to gaining insight. In another likeness to her nym, Ariadne identifies with the Maenads — sometimes portrayed as cicadas — the women who worship Dionysus in ecstatic dance.

Although Ariadne is no academic, her insatiable curiosity, lust for learning, and love for authentic human contact has taught her respect and admiration for multitudinous wisdom. She holds immense gratitude for the lessons she has obtained both through the forges of hardship, and those passed on through music, literature, occult traditions, and philosophy.

She rejects extremism and racism entirely with wholehearted sincerity. Her roots in a brutal and passionate form of Satanism inform her deeply held code of honor. She practices Magick with respect for Welsh tradition, alchemy, mathematics, and Greek mythology.

As it is, so be it.