About Kristos 513

Kristos 513 bio

Kristos 513 is, by all accounts, much better at talking about vast, important things than he is talking about himself – and which configuration of various archetypes called ‘self’ would he even talk about? The ‘self’ which has coalesced today is remarkably different from the ‘self’ which had previously occupied that internal space last week, and this, in turn, will no doubt reconfigure into yet another ‘self’ as necessitated by causal transit.

Despite the aforementioned flux, Kristos 513 comes from a rather less academic background than his peers, choosing to employ a horror-tinged style of prose which is evocative of his very unorthodox influences and equally, his own wanderings through a strange internal landscape of regrettable experiences and latent neuroses. While heavily influenced by the worst excesses of the human condition, Kristos 513 nevertheless aspires to build upon the stone of rational, pragmatic judgement, as opposed to the various ‘roads to nowhere’ presented by certain movements of the past century.

If a thing does not result in a star-bound race of post-human demigods, whether subtly or directly, then it is effectively worthless.