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“Agios O Thanatos!”
Ritual Attunement to Heroes and Ancestors: An Exeatic Practice

by Nexion Θ

Having explored many insightful paths, Nexion Θ has decided to present an exoteric blueprint outlining its necromantic and ancestral praxis, which is inextricably tied to the Sevenfold Way of the Order of Nine Angles. Though incomplete, what we wish to present should be interpreted as a general outline – an exoteric map describing the exeatic experience acquired by Nexion Θ over the course of many years through a relationship established with the Ancestors we share a bond of spirit and blood.

In being modern, practical and adhering to traditional sources as much as possible – sources such as the Corpus Hermeticum and the Greek Magical Papyri (Papyri Graecae Magicae) – our praxis was adapted to the O9A’s framework, as described in works such as NAOS. As such, it requires emphasizing our deep roots in Hellenic tradition, in addition to avoiding Magian distortion.

In addition to maintaining a quartz tetrahedron as the center of our occult operations, our praxis adds another link to the acausal in the form of indoor and outdoor Ancestral Altars. These Altars usually involve the employment of derivative, modern forms of fetishism that stem from the Neoplatonic theory of sympathy. These potentially allow the practitioner to build a complete microcosm that can then be used to work with one or more Ancestral Spirits. This type of practice encompasses at least three spheres from the Tree of Wyrd, which, through regular ritual practice and writing ancestral biographies, ultimately leads to ancestor-specific Insight Roles. Combined, all of this leads to intimate contact with those Spirits.

In the upcoming edition of Fenrir, we plan on providing an introduction to this system, one that will allow the practitioner to experience what we would call a “ritual attunement” to these Altars through care and the giving of offerings. (The spheres involved will include the Moon, Mercury and Venus.) We will preface this introduction by discussing some of the basics of Hermeticism – basics which have been subtly alluded to in NAOS. In closing, we will provide a glimpse into a specific goal that the dedicated practitioner might set for him or herself: the Chthonic Ritual of External Adept. What remains to be said will be expanded upon in future editions of Fenrir. Agios O Thanatos!

Overview of the structure of the system:

  1. Basic rules
    • Secretum
    • Forms are not the Essence
    • About correspondences
    • The planes must be aligned
      • Equal exchange
      • The importance of grounding
  1. Tutelary Gods and Ancestral Spirits
    • Offerings
      • Sympathy
      • Empathy
    • Initiation Ritual
    • The importance of writing a biography
    • Insight Roles
  2. Chtonic Ritual of External Adept