Good afternoon everyone,

Given that it has now been almost a year since the revival of the Fenrir journal, I want to provide a brief update regarding the status of the upcoming edition. I also have some exciting news to share with respect to some of its content.

The resurrection of Fenrir happened against great odds. The project encountered several obstacles, including the resignation of the original editor, the resignation of my co-editor and close friend following that, and finally, after nearing completion of the upcoming edition, the withdrawal of some of its most important content. One such piece was a thoughtful and powerful account of the role of empathy in the Order of Nine Angles, written by someone with tremendous experience in the tradition. Another was a translation of a notable Italian academic article on the ancient origins of Noctulius in relation to the “Nocturni” or Nocturnal gods of the Roman pantheon, specifically with respect to an indigenous cult of “Dii Nocturni” said to be widespread in the Illyrian provinces. We spent many months editing this piece and were disappointed when we realized that it had to be withdrawn due to a potential copyright infringement claim on the part of the academic journal and authors.

In spite of these obstacles, however, the journal has persevered, as it always has. Though I have had to extend the anticipated release date a few times now, I am confident that the content submitted by our new team of contributors will be timely and exceptional, showcasing what the ONA is capable of.

In turn, I will be extending the release date to provide our contributors with the time they need to complete their submissions. Tentatively, I am aiming for the end of May. I will provide updates on our progress if there is anything new to report and will make a post if that date changes.

Additionally, I want to note that I will be opening submissions up to the public following this edition. Future editions will follow a specific theme or series of themes, and guidelines will be provided regarding what will be required for a submission to be considered for peer review. These guidelines will be posted on the “Call for Papers” page of this site, along with a contact address for submissions. I will make an announcement when the time comes with more details and instructions.

In closing and as promised, I have some exciting news to report: the upcoming edition of Fenrir will feature a new and exclusive interview with David Myatt. More to follow soon.

Nameless Therein
Scothorn Nexion
April 4, 2022
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