This is the guitar version of the musical composition I created for David Myatt’s 1986 poem “In the Night,” found here:

As is the case with many of my chant compositions, I wrote this piece on guitar before performing it on vocals. The guitar version presented here was a working draft that I composed and recorded on August 23, 2020 but never completed. Though my intent was to perform the harmony heard here as a vocal arrangement, I only ever recorded the main melody, having never completed the accompanying harmony to my satisfaction. Suspecting that many will enjoy and appreciate this regardless, I decided to share it.

What is heard here is organic and mostly improvised with no metronome. The video was assembled using various works of art that I feel compliment the melodic movement of the song, the emotional layering created by the harmonies, and the structural transitions of the composition, descending from sunset into night. It is also meant to reflect the mirroring between those elements and how I interpret David Myatt’s original poem.

I mixed and mastered this on May 5 and May 6, 2022. In the order of their appearance, the artworks displayed in the video are as follows:

Jules Dupré, The Windmill, c. 1850
Théodore Rousseau, Hoarfrost, 1845
Arkhip Kuindzhi, Daryal pass. Moonlight Night, c. 1890-1895
Arkhip Kuindzhi, Night on the Dniepr, 1882