Dream Rood - featured

Dream Rood

– “The Dream of the Rood,” taken from the tenth-century Vercelli Book

A Midspring Night’s Dream

I: The Rood of Dream

This morning it came to my attention that on the reviews section of an article uploaded to the Thormynd account for the Internet Archive, two anonymous, disgruntled, and I also presume to be inebriated, associates of the O9A subculture took it upon themselves to communicate several ignorant beliefs. One such individual personally attacked, blamed and held both Ms. Scott and Thormynd accountable for the decaying events across the last several years. The second individual juxtaposed the Fenrir Journal, and its works, to Thormynd, in a way that described a perceived, however fallacious, indignation that the Fenrir Journal somehow received by the very uploading of the aforementioned article. In respect to the ongoing efforts to rid our Magickal Association of many such issues that have become all-too-common, ranging from misinterpretation, extremism and crime, to all things immature in their many forms, we reproduce the original responses issued, here, to serve as an ensign addressing many things.

The most obvious, is that the logos of the ONA, our Law of the New Aeon, which is that of Personal Honour, does work, is beneficial, and can be made real if it is interpreted maturely. That we can and do disagree on many things, that we can and do hold different opinions and that we can and do allow them to be exposed to one another, sometimes publicly, to show this evolved, civilized, chivalrous character of ours in hopes to change others in that they too may begin approaching the meaning of life here on terra-firma in a better way.

The less obvious, is that there are problems that continue pervade our Magickal Association. It is true that there are many life forms that are both embarrassing and liabilities. They need to adapt, change, evolve, progress, or go elsewhere. I wish I could offer you an answer right now as to how that can be done, but I don’t have one. What I do understand fully, however, is that these types of incidents are not the way to do it.

The following two text responses remain unedited, as I posted then in a time-sensitive manner, attempting to avoid these anxieties escalating any further.

II: Seoloþ

My name is Anwynn E. Thorn, author and editorial team member of the Fenrir Journal, and like many I watch these posts regularly. To the two individuals who bethought themselves necessarily paladins of the ONA-cause, I have the following to say to you.

Ms. Scott is both an author and part of the Fenrir Journal team, as even a brief perusal of the website https://luxlycaonis.com/ would reveal. There is no “divide,” presumed as it may be, between herself and Fenrir, nonetheless the author who is referred to as Nameless Therein.

Same team; same journal; same esoteric society.

Ms. Scott is welcomed to her own opinion, as is Nameless Therein. That they may engage in productive dialogue made available to the public as learning-modules is however not now, nor ever shall be some indicator of a divided-front, let alone a reason to make unnecessary and completely unwarranted incursions. If such matters are thenceforth compelled by some unavoidable compunction, settle them in private; please and thank you.

Might I add that this is a public platform and subject a multitude of readers, who would most likely laugh, ridicule and exploit this in some way to their weasely advantages.

Before you cast your stones of blame for this or that, do well to read the voluminous manuscripts authored by Ms. Scott that speak to the contrary of these “undesirables,” and also in tandem with the general trajectory of your thoughts.

Who is to blame then for these persons? The answer is: only themselves. Anyone is free to associate themselves with the O9A subculture. That a multitude of individuals will fail to meet standards is expected. They often spend seven-lifetimes in the labyrinthos mythologicus among the same sour-folk deepening their fantasies about “this,” or “that.”

I implore both of you gentlemen to access higher faculties before risking some display of evidentiary qualities that cannot be easily undone.


III: Wise Choices

It seems that over the course of what appears to be a North American night, the two anonymous posters who in their infinite wisdom chose to turn this comments section into a type of circus, have since begun to exercise the necessary first stages of what we call “manners.”

Since I am not above a level of appropriate response, nor do I bethink myself as cruel, I have too edited, upon learning that one can-edit, my own response.

However, I would strongly recommend that if something were to remain of this nonsense that occurred, it is a reminder to act mature.