About Aileen

Aileen is an artist and illustrator who takes inspiration for her artwork from the Sinister Tradition and esotericism. She has illustrated two tarot decks consisting of Major Arcana, the first based on alchemical symbolism, the second following the guidelines given in Naos. She is now working on her third deck, which presents her vision of the Dark Gods, one interpreted in a personal way and using a specific code to indicate the corresponding spheres and alchemical levels.

In addition to her tarot work, she creates illustrations centered heavily on the theme of Death. She also creates sigils on wood, bone and paper, and carves wood and bone.

Aileen studied art and art history with particular attention to ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, as well as Gothic art and architecture. She graduated in England as a translator and interpreter. In addition to English and as a result of her travels, she also speaks Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German.

Aileen began reading tarot when she was very young and has continued studying it to the present day. Her interest in esotericism and her sometimes harsh life experiences eventually led her to the Sinister Path. In addition to her artwork and esoteric interests, she likes to drive motorcycles and trucks, and has a great interest in psychology, philosophy, music and history.