About Nexion Θ

Nexion Θ

Nexion Θ is an exoteric and esoteric connexion between various students of the occult who have been active in Italy for nearly twenty years. Those involved specialize in practical magic, IT and social engineering.

Nexion Θ has worked in the shadows since its inception, having never openly sought correspondence with anyone until now, apart from a select few individuals.

Given the current political climate within society and the Order itself, Nexion Θ proudly accepts the challenge of being a contributor to the development of the present phase of the O9A’s lifecycle. We have taken this opportunity as one among a series of wyrdful synchronicities. As time passes, the growing need for communication and connection is natural, and we have been waiting a long time for the right circumstances to satiate it.

Nexion Θ’s peculiar traits include a history of high-risk Insight Roles and the capacity to reconcile modern magical systems (such as the one presented in NAOS) with traditional Hellenic sources and older, autochthonous traditions that would otherwise be doomed as mere anthropological curiosities.

Although Nexion Θ has identitarian values, we are completely on board with moving the O9A away from the extremism and political extremism of the last decade. Aside from not having produced a single concrete or productive result, both have attracted legions of plebeian characters sporting the common trait of hubris. We welcome this necessary and sagacious change in direction.