This response to the post “Notes on Outer Representative” by Chloe352 on comes from the team here at Lux Lycaonis, consisting of myself (Ariadne), Kristos 513, and Eternal Outsider. We speak not in place of Nameless Therein, but for ourselves, from a place of solidarity and respect for each involved party.

A close friend gave me some advice recently in a conversation we had regarding the welcome and anticipated return of a mutual friend. It meant a lot to me and the insights gleaned from it have had me thinking a lot today about the nature of Water. 

What he said was this:

“What happens when you take a glass full of water out of a pool?
The rest comes rushing in to fill the void, right?
However, you put a sealed glass in its place and nothing trades spaces.


In short, this is precisely what happened:
A void was created by water lifted from a pool.
Water did as water does – it filled the void.

And so, a new game begun.

It is dark,” I said appeasing, “down where
you’ve been working.
Maybe you’ve seen what can’t be seen up here.
We only see what each of us can see, no more.
Take it if you wish,
preserve it, say that no one
except yourself perhaps can be so sure.

He took it like a trusting child,
the bear grown suddenly
gentle again.
He wrapped it close away
in his wet jacket.
When I let him out I touched his shoulder.

Take care of it,” I warned, “remember only you can see it clearly.

From “Notes of an Alchemist” Loren Eiseley, 1972

To be clear: As far as we here at Lux Lycaonis are concerned, there is no “leader” of the ONA.

Not David Myatt or Nameless Therein or Chloe or Jall or Anton Long.

A leaderless kollective has no reason for “Representatives” – inner or outer – to cause headaches. The very concept is self-correcting. It is exactly that self-correction which forms the jape. The corrosive substance of ego is what that role’s aim is to throw off.

Here is the truth:
We have our Kollective, that is to say, the O9A itself.
We have our families, those consist of our Nexions.
We have our Nexions, consisting of individuals.

The jape to Outer Representative is an ego trap.

To us (us, that is to say, our family), “Outer Representative” is a protective form. What does it protect from? Power grabs arising from such egos as we have seen in the aptly nymmed “Blackwood Problem.

9 is an anarchic tradition. The kollective of 9 follows the Left Hand Path.
We have no use for such titles for any purpose, egotistical or marketing.
We have use for the water which will fill its own container.
We have use for the protective form that it creates.

I will shed some light on a recent theater:
WE named Nameless Therein “Outer Representative.”
We – that is to say – our family. This was back sometime in October.
We did not do this lightly, nor did we do this alone.
We did this to fill the void which would fill itself.

Then, we watched what unfolded:

A diverse multitude of Nexions within our Kollective stepped forward with approval, acceptance, and an array of “well obviously…”s.

To the (welcome) surprise of many, Nameless Therein has surpassed every test and expectation presented to him.

He has shown, time and time again, that he carries with him the deeper, more significant elements of the O9A that we require as the voice of “Outer Representative”. He follows the Code of Kindred Honor. He personal responsibility seriously. He conducts himself with the respect, intelligence, and humility we expect.

And what’s more: he is capable and willing to do what few are— embody it.

To us, it was the organic rise of what was unseen making itself seen. And then, seeing it.

To those of us who saw the vulnerability presented by the void left behind in the absence of our friend, we knew he represented not only the obvious choice, but the right one.

Whether or not Nameless Therein had a personal owl fly in through his window with a letter attached from DM or AL or whoever else, granting him some mystical new role — that is definitionally none of my business.

With respect to both parties, I’d like to put forth my own perspective on each of these utilities to respond to certain concerns.


Our family is a multitudinous one: We don’t all agree about everything. We don’t have a grand orthodox construction.
But we share certain traits which endear us to one another: humility, authenticity, decisiveness, action, and creativity.

WE are explicitly NOT here to lead nor to impose ourselves onto anybody else’s family dynamic.
Not everything is for everybody — THIS is for US.

Hence, Lux Lycaonis serves as our primary website. We are here to show “us” to whoever wishes to see. This is because we are part of a living tradition. This is because we are KINETIC, not stagnant, not willing to be in stasis in any way, shape, or form.

We, like our extended family in WSA, have our tags, which we stencil on every wall we can reach, and we say “this is our family, this is what we’re about.

THAT is “marketing” for us. Not outer rep.

In the words of WSA352’s “Opus Vrilis”:
People of like quality somehow find each other. And from that coming together of like minds, an enterprise and culture is born like the ONA. Thinking about the ONA in this way, with the quality and type of people the ONA has as members, makes me nostalgically recall that time in my youthful past when I was surrounded by like minds at school. And I am reminded of that moment when my friend looked at me with a sinister smile of hope and opportunity and said: ―Time to fuck this place up.”

Simple as.

[…] And that is the bedrock or fundamental issue of the Blackwood Problem: people in ONA who claim to be leader of ONA or claim to be Outer Representative of ONA are fundamentally wanting Influence.
If it is influence that you are seeking, then making yourself the leader or outer rep is not good marketing.

— Chloe352, “Notes on Outer Representative”

Marketing is a lot like horror, as I wrote about here: Contact and Horror

It’s precognitive. That is to say, propaganda knows itself better than any propagandist knows it.

To say “I’m outer rep” is not generating a new importance to be placed on yet another new ego. Describing NT as outer rep, was describing only what was already there in an organic way.

Additionally, it had a utility. That utility was water filling the void with itself, from itself. This, in hand with controlled opposition, allowed us to see with remarkable clarity what ego elements would rise to the occasion.

We exist because we have been inspired to exist. Because we do not accept stasis. Because we are ALIVE. VITAL. And REAL.

If you think this is marketing, you are simply not feeling for a pulse.

We gave words to something natural, but what it arose from was the same inspiration that gave life to our kollective in the first place:

Inspiration is hypnotic because it bypassed your conscious logical mind and targets the Heart. It stirs evoke and provoke excitement, passion, and strong emotion. Those emotions governs our action. You control a person‘s emotions, and you control his behaviour and actions. And they act without thinking. Inspiration is so subtle, so soft, yet so powerfully provocative and influencing that they don‘t even know they are being manipulated and controlled to do things they would not consciously or logically do. Think about it. You can‘t go down a random street and ask a guy to risk his life and freedom and kill somebody for you, because he won‘t do it. You Inspire him with art, music, literature; provoke his emotions, inspire passion in him, give him a sense of belonging and he becomes a soldier or gangbanger loyal to you to death and will kill for you and your interests. 

That‘s power: the power of Inspiration. 
God forbid such power fall into the wrong hands: like the ONA.

Opus Vrilis, WSA352

I speak for myself when I say that I am not here to make a self-serving power grab where I see one.

As far as my eyes can see and my hands can reach, Nameless Therein is a solution to our correctly identified problem. Not a leader, not an ego vying for unearned power, not a priest nor a grandmaster.

Nameless Therein is simply our obvious solution to our obvious problem.
He is genuine, he has been part of the tradition for many years, and he has surpassed every test put forth to him.

So,” we said, “If there is a manifestation in our kollective to make such a grab for power, it would be made the most apparent in the aftermath of our decision.

That is precisely what we witnessed Nameless Therein succeed — not only in his own humility — but actually in mitigating, which he did remarkably well. Both reliably and effortlessly. When those elements made themselves apparent.

It is due to this simple process of “water filling its void” that “Outer Representative” has accomplished what it has always accomplished: To mitigate the pull of those ego-centric manifestations which seek to pose as our Next Dear Leader.

Like the water that rushes in to fill the void left by the absence of our friends, we too are as water: fluid, self-regulating, and quickly adapting to the fill of its container.

In order to combat the very “Blackwood Problem” put forth by Chloe, that void is filled from the same water it was made from.
Unlike that example of a sealed glass, our outward representation is simply manifest from organic exchange.

Actions speak louder than words, as they say. By their fruit… this outer representative thing is a test like the Old Guards said isn’t it? A test of actual character and ulterior motive.

Chloe352 “Notes on Outer Representative”


Kristos 513 had some additional thoughts, stated in his own words below:

There is little else I could add that Ariadne has not already mentioned. The absence of such a figure as Outer Representative left a void, as stated above, and it was not a matter of whether or not such a void would be filled, but when and how. I have contacts which have shown hamfisted attempts to claim the title, and with it a great deal of influence over the coming generation of those who might undertake the O9A processes.

The fact of the matter is that we are not motivated by ego or a desire for attention, but because we dearly love the Tradition, and we recognise an obligation to keep it alive, to feed it in such a way that doesn’t result in its own destruction.

We are motivated by a sense of responsibility, that one ought not to hope someone else will step in and do the work that needs doing, but that one ought to summon the resolve to buckle down and take matters into their own Hands.” 

All of that said, we are pleased to see the anticipated return of our favorite Pan-Asian Leftist-Republican Outer Representative, should she wish to pour from her cup into our wider pool.

You will find no false prophets here.

As to those driven by egos, nyms, and temples who continue to be inclined to make such grabs for power— they will succeed in no such thing.

In solidarity, with respect and vitality —

Kristos 513
Eternal Outsider
Lux Lycaonis