– Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, c. 1817

Reflexion of the Wyvern

by Anwynn E. Thorn

Flake away with sorrow’s heel,
The shades of fate to inward feel,
Leaving course to follow bright,
The uttermost of dolomite.

To walk with THEM as brother bound,
As sister-wyrd or culann hound,
Is to cast your artless chaffed,
Into the pit of balocræft.

Then look to what reflects upon,
The sheen of tetrahed’arawn,
Behold this he or she is thee,
Who poisons ill the cosmic tree.

So take aloft thine athame,
And fourfold crystal’s hand,
To usher forth a dawning day,
For you and Anglaland.